The Robot Garden

The Robot Garden – Architecture and AI


Matias del Campo, Sandra Manninger, Alexandra Carlson


Robotics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Design, Architecture, Machine Learning, Posthumanism, Neural Networks, Speculative Realism, Machine Vision, Artificial Neural Networks, New Materialism, Assemblage Theory, Postdigital, Estrangement, Defamiliarization, Ruination, Generative Adversarial Networks, Machine Hallucination


The Robot Garden, Architecture & AI Architecture has rarely found points of intersection with the research conducted on Artificial Intelligence on a global scale. Even today, the discussion of AI and Architecture has barely started. Considering the enormous potentialities of this area of research regarding its application in architecture, it is more than strange that this has not been discussed in wider circles within the discipline. In recent years we have seen rapid development in the progressive methods emerging from AI research, resulting in applications that surround us continuously. Almost undetected, AI applications have seeped successfully into our daily life: voice recognition, ride-sharing apps, banking apps, face recognition, AI Airline Pilots, smart home devices and more, are already naturally ingrained into our environment. More are in the pipeline that reaches from AI-driven Cars to farming with intelligent machines. The possibilities of these methods will transform all areas of our daily life and will mutate the planet.

Robot Garden. The intermediate result with radical weight numbers in the code of the Neural Network. The result is inspiring, albeit useless for the real application.
Image SPAN (Matias del Campo & Sandra Manninger) 2019

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