Sandra Manninger & Matias del Campo

SPAN, consisting of Dr. Matias del Campo and Dr Sandra Manninger is a team of architects from Vienna, Austria. Their architecture is characterized by a combination of advanced techniques and philosophical inquiry interrogating the ontological and epistemological framework that produces a paradigm concerned with advanced technology as an agent of culture. The work covers the range from text, installations, industrial design to buildings and urban concepts. The diverse oeuvre can be found in public collections as well as in private collections. In 2014, Matias del Campo and Sandra Manninger accepted the call from the University of Michigan to join the faculty of Taubman College. In close cooperation with the Faculties of Robotics and Computer Science at the University of Michigan, SPAN developed new design methods for architecture based on Artificial Intelligence. The Robot Garden for Michigan Robotics is the first built project using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN’s) as a design method.  

We are not alone.

Over the years an amazing group of people have worked long- and short-term in our office.

Nicola Beck, Oliver Bertram, Andrew Bradford, Ulrike Bronner, Antonio Caccivio, Tomasso Cassuci, Lina Chen, Yanci Chen, Kailin Deng, Cornelia Faisst, Wendy Fok, Manfred Herman, Stefan Klecheski, Martin Kleindienst, Kelsy, Martina Lesjak, Koho Lin, Ling Ling, Sebastian Michalski, Filippo Nassetti, Federico la Picirella, Alexandra Pawlazyn, Sergiu Radu Pop, Feiyu Qi, Dongseop Shin, Markus Taubler, Martina Too, Diana Tsai, Andreas Ruhland, Michael Royer, Adam Vukmanov, Richard Walker, Xiaoyi Wu, Yie Ying, Yining Yuan, Martin Zangerl

尼古拉·贝克、奥利弗·贝特拉姆、安德鲁·布拉福德、乌尔丽克·布伦纳、安 东尼奥·卡奇维奥、托马索·卡舒奇、陈丽娜、邓凯琳、科尔内利亚·费伊斯、 霍渭瑜、曼弗雷德·赫曼、斯特凡·克莱查斯基、马丁·克莱丁斯特、凯尔西、玛蒂娜·莱加、林光峯、凌玲、塞巴斯蒂安·米哈尔斯基、菲利波·纳塞蒂、费德 里科·拉·皮奇瑞拉、亚历山大·帕夫拉金、塞尔久·拉度·波普、齐飞宇、马库 斯·陶布勒、玛蒂娜·图、蔡丹娜、安德鲁·鲁兰、迈克·罗耶、亚当·武克马诺 夫、理查德·沃克、吴晓一、叶颖、马丁·灿格