The Church of AI

The Church of AI – An examination of architecture in a posthuman design ecologyArchitecture and AI


Matias del Campo, Sandra Manninger, Marianne Sanche, Leetee Wang


Artificial Intelligence, Aesthetics, Machine Learning, Posthumanism, Architecture Design, Speculative Realism, Machine Vision, Artificial Neural Networks, Agency, Worship, Design Methodology, Postdigital, Estrangement, Defamiliarization, Alien Phenomenology, Generative Adversarial Networks, design sensibility, machine hallucination


The Project, the Church of AI, taps into the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence as a device for Architecture Design in a twofold way: On the one side by employing a design technique that is based on the ability of Artificial Intelligence to generate form autonomously of human interaction, and on the other hand by speculating about the nature of devotion, the sublime and awe in a posthuman society.

Figure 1. The Church of AI, Mariane Sanche, Leetee Wang, PennDesign 2018.

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