Sense and Advanced Sensibility

The Robot Garden – Architecture and AI


Matias del Campo, Sandra Manninger


Critical Theory, Mathematics, Philosophy, Art History, Digital Fabrication, Architectural Geometry, Contemporary Design (Architecture), Digital Design and Fabrication


Beyond the shared obsession with the specifics of intricated geometries, the question of sensuality is a particular driving force within a specific family of discoursive modes. The sensual experiences in the materiality, the luminosity or the chromatics of objects as well as opulent, highly articulated, voluptuous forms, drives the ballistic trajectory of the presented designs. This paper, however does not propose that the lineage of baroque architecture is directly linked to the lineage of contemporary architecture, but that there are intersecting moments in the curves of the lineages.

Cupola of the Quatro Fontana Church in Rome by Borromini.
(photo © Giovanni Dall’Orto 2005)

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