Robotic Material Extrusion

Computational Methodologies in Robotic Material Extrusion For the Production of Double Curved Surfaces


Matias del Campo, Ellen Duff, Jordan Lutren, Ryan Scanlan


Computational Design, Fabrication, Material, Robotics, Theory


For design and construction, the combination of computer-aided design with modern fabrication techniques has rendered novel formal opportunities on ever-increasing scales. For the production of double-curved surfaces, in particular, additive processes like 3D printing have shown promise, but with these unique challenges: 1) the layering and spanning of homogenous materials often require form compromising support structures and 2) the overall composition is subject to cubic growth in weight and fabrication time with increases in scale. Through experimentation with robotic extrusion, we hope to develop techniques that minimize these constraints and to produce light-weight double-curved shell structures without the use of molds.

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