Autonomous Tectonics II


Matias del Campo, Sandra Manninger


Critical Theory, Design, Architecture, Digital Fabrication, Autonomous Robotics, Computational Modelling


Computational tools have become a standard in the discipline of architecture, to that extent, we can think of saturation of the field with computational tools. From early design stages to visualization to the execution of building designs, every aspect of the industry is dominated by the use of computers and software. Insofar computational tools do not form the exception but have become today´s standard, the rule, the norm. The consequence is not necessarily the omnipresence of sophisticated applications, on the contrary, the predominant method relies on the translation of conventional, pre-digital, design methods such as the drafting of plans and sections and visualization of preconceived ideas. These can be described as computerized methods in contrast to the opposite end of the spectrum which relies on computational ideas. These will be the field of inquiry for this paper.

Figure 1 construction of first prototype model at the FabLab of Taubman College, University of Michigan.

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